360° Video: Connected Driving Demo

Posted by in Home Improvement Tips, on March 1, 2017


The U.S. Departments of Energy and Transportation are working with industry to develop connected and autonomous software for vehicles. This technology uses real-time mapping data and car sensors to help drivers make informed decisions out on the road. The prototype used in these three demonstrations was developed by the Transportation Department and industry to help improve safety, reduce traffic congestion and increase fuel economy. Demonstration 1 – Reduced Speed Zone Warning • Layout – Work Zone Closure
• Approach Speed – 30 mph
• Right Lane Closed The in-vehicle application receives work zone related information from the infrastructure and combines it with vehicle dynamics to warn the driver if appropriate. Demonstration 2 – Curve Speed Warning
• Radius of Curve: 30m
• Road Surface: Dry
• Road Material: Asphalt
• Bank Angle: 0°
• Approach Speed – 30 mph The in-vehicle application receives curve related information from the infrastructure and combines with vehicle dynamics parameters to calculate speed thresholds for the curve to issue appropriate warnings. Demonstration 3 – Red Light Violation Warning
• Green Light – 10 seconds
• Yellow Light – 5 seconds
• Red Light – 10 seconds
• Approach Speed – 40 mph This application warns the driver of an approaching signalized intersection when there is the potential of running a red light. The warning is based on information received from infrastructure- and vehicle-based sensors.

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