Ask Roger: How to Use a Wheelbarrow

Posted by in Home Improvement Tips, on April 29, 2016

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This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook shows safe, effective ways to use a wheelbarrow. (See below for steps.)

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Steps for How to Use a Wheelbarrow:
1. Keep the tire fully inflated and it'll roll more easily.
2. Lubricate the wheel bearing with grease. Replace the bearing if it's corroded, seized up, or worn out.
3. Before loading materials into the wheelbarrow, point it in the direction you want to go.
4. Stack the load evenly, with much of the weight over the wheel.
5. When loading materials on a hill, aim the wheelbarrow either straight up the hill or straight down. Don't point it across the hill or it'll tip over.
6. Lift the wheelbarrow with bent knees and straight back and arms.
7. If the load is too heavy to dump, lighten it by shoveling out some of the load.
8. To dump the wheelbarrow, lift up the handles until you can secure a comfortable underhand grip. Then quickly push the handles forward to dump the load.

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