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Posted by in Home Improvement Tips, on April 24, 2017

Watch the full episode: Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva and host Kevin O’Connor use stock lumber and millwork from a home center to build a home message center that mimics a window. Click here to SUBSCRIBE to the official This Old House YouTube channel: Time: 3-4 hours Cost: $100 Skill Level: Moderate Tools List:
Miter Saw
Headless Nail Gun
Router with a Roundover Bit
Track Saw Shopping List:
1×3 Poplar
1×4 Poplar
1×6 Poplar
Colonial Casing
Crown Molding
3” screws
Wood Glue
Headless Nails Steps:
1. Cut 1×3 poplar to desired length and build a three-sided frame. Use a butt joint, predrilling the hole first, and then fastening with a 3” screw.
2. Cut Colonial Casing to length, mitering the top corners of each piece at 45 degrees.
3. Glue and nail the casing to the frame, leaving a ¼” reveal around the inside.
4. Glue and nail the miters together on the casing.
5. Cut 1×4 poplar to desired length and build another three-sided frame with butt joints and 3” screws. This frame will be taller than the inner frame as it will be the mounting point for the crown molding.
6. Glue and nail the outside of the casing to the outer frame.
7. Glue and nail a piece of 1×4 as a flat stock above the top piece of casing. Use a filler block to ensure it doesn’t warp.
8. Mark and cut the miters for the crown molding.
9. Glue and nail the crown molding to the message center assembly.
10. Cut a piece of 1×6 poplar to length to serve as a stool.
11. Use a router with a roundover bit to roundover the edges of the stool piece.
12. Predrill and then screw through the bottom of the stool to attach it to the rest of the message center.
13. Build an apron using 1×4 poplar and toe screw it into the bottom of the stool.
14. Using a track saw or circular saw with a straight edge, cut the chalkboard plywood to size and nail to the back of the inner frame.
15. Cut a piece of ½” MDF to size to serve as a back cover and secure it with screws.
16. Sand all the wood and prime the message center.
17. Fill any visible nail holes.
18. Apply two top coats of paint. Follow This Old House and Ask This Old House: Facebook:

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