#DIYDARE: How to Make a Concrete Umbrella Stand

Posted by in Home Improvement Tips, on March 11, 2016

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Filled with a bunch of umbrellas, this stand keeps the entryway clutter-free. Concrete is one of the ultimate outdoor materials, but it can look cold. To soften the aesthetics of this umbrella stand, we formed it using distressed wood, then added a greenish-blue color to make it really pop in an entryway. (See below for shopping list, tools, and steps.)

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Steps for How to Make a Concrete Umbrella Stand:
1. Distress the Plywood.
2. Spray the Parts.
3. Build the Form.
4. Glue the Form to the Base.
5. Pack in the Concrete.
6. Let it Cure.
7. Add a Dye.

Shopping List for How to Make a Concrete Umbrella Stand:
– 1/2-inch plywood
– furring strips
– 1/2-inch wood screws
– cooking spray
– ShapeCrete
– plastic bag
– concrete dye

Tools List for How to Make a Concrete Umbrella Stand:
– tape measure
– pencil
– circular saw
– drill/driver
– wire brush wheel
– hot-glue gun and glue
– paintbrush

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