E-Marketing – Its Advantages And Disadvantages

Posted by in General, on September 23, 2016

E-marketing is used in reference to marketing strategies and techniques utilized exclusively online. Internet users can access websites using a variety of tools, which include personal laptops, computers, tablet and smart phone devices. The e-marketing methods target multimedia mediums using device-specific approaches to capture the attention of internet users. Internet marketing continues to offer substantial quantifiable benefit to companies with advanced web systems. However, an evaluation of e-marketing will show that internet marketing has unique advantages and disadvantages and also that it’s not often inherently much more effective than the offline, traditional marketing techniques.

Types of e-marketing

This type of marketing involves a number of activities, which includes email marketing, website advertising, interactive advertising and social media. While the internet continues to advance, coupled with the way consumers’ access and utilize it, the savvy businesses will continue to discover new channels and opportunities to promote their services on the internet.

Aside from sales and advertising, companies will be able to carry out activities for public relations online using company sites or by working with media outlets. The online promotions can also be very effective, gaining 100 % attention-share along with contributors and engaging them directly with companies, brands and products.


One of biggest advantages of using internet marketing techniques would be cost-efficiency. Some techniques would include utilizing social media sites to spread the word, especially when introducing new products, practically cost nothing. Others, like buying ad space may possibly cost just as much as the end results. Internet marketing techniques can reach a much wider audience than traditional strategies as well as last for longer period. Whilst promotions publicized on television might last only twenty seconds, advertising websites will be live, sharable and viewable worldwide for as long as you would like.


Absolutely nothing in business or even life is really free and the low-cost marketing methods generally come with much more demands. For instance, in order to benefit from cost efficiency of marketing products using social media sites, a company needs to spend huge amounts of time and energy to build up following on these outlets. The online advertisements are generally in spots that are convenient for potential customers, but not for the advertisers. Whilst television advertisements replace normal programming and occupy the entire screen, adverts on websites are often found beside content which makes them easier to overlook.

In conclusion, e-marketing is most effective when included in an extensive marketing strategy which involves both online and off-line techniques. Companies that discover how to combine online marketing campaigns with offline strategies could have much more success.

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