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Posted by in Home Improvement Tips, on November 6, 2016

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Ask This Old House is well known for dispensing the best and most reliable home-improvement advice available anywhere, but our expert crew can also act exceedingly wild and wacky. For example:

Richard interrupts Kevin with his water-heater-turned-robot.
Tom does his best impression of a flying superhero.
Roger puts bull’s-eyes over his own eyes.
Kevin tees off in the shop, and everyone scatters from the ricocheting golf ball.
Richard produces electricity with a pedal-powered bicycle generator.
Roger and Richard pull in a broadcast of Kevin using a TV aerial.
Roger does an impersonation of Kevin introducing the show.
Kevin clones himself as a cardboard cutout.

And the popular What Is It? segments can quickly turn to chaos:
Kevin hosts a Jeopardy-style game-show contest between Roger and Richard.
Richard uses a giant bowling ball to knock down some pins—and Kevin.
Roger thinks two lengths of corrugated tubing are long-distance binoculars.
Tommy claims to have found a solution to awakening with wet pants.
Richard belly flops onto an air mattress, and bounces ungracefully onto the floor.
Tommy unintentionally demonstrates how to fall off a ladder.
Roger’s spinning steel rod forces everyone to duck for cover.
Kevin shows off a hang-gliding visor, or so he thinks.
Lodge brothers Richard and Kevin salute each other with the secret Conehead greeting.
Richard uses a mechanical device to yank out one of Kevin’s teeth.
Kevin skips rope while sporting a brightly colored safety vest.
Roger demonstrates an automatic sprinkler that’s designed to scare away deer, and Richard nearly gets soaked.

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