How to Bisect Angles for Cutting Miters

Posted by in Home Improvement Tips, on October 21, 2016

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general contractor Tom Silva shows a quick and accurate way to cut perfect-fit miters

Less than 5 minutes

Skill level: Very easy, no carpentry experience necessary

Tools List for Bisecting Angles for Cutting Miters:
[TOOL_IMAGE 1 {Steel rule}]
[TOOL_IMAGE 2 {Miter saw, to make angled cuts}]

Shopping List:
[BOLD "Two 1×4 boards,"] used as angle-marking guides

In this video, [ITALIC "Ask This Old House"] general contractor Tom Silva shows a quick and accurate way to cut perfect-fit miters.[BR][BR]

[BOLD "Steps:"][BR]
1. Make an angle-marking guide from two 16-inch-long 1x4s. Check to be sure that the two boards are exactly the same width.[BR]
2. Set one 1×4 against a wall; lay the other 1×4 on top and press it tight against the adjoining wall.[BR]
3. Draw a pencil along each edge of the top board to mark the bottom board.[BR]
4. Now use a pencil and steel rule to draw a line that connects the ends of the two previously drawn lines. This new line represents the bisected angle.[BR]
5. Stack the two 1x4s on top of each other and bring them over to the miter saw. Adjust the blade angle to match the bisected-angle line drawn across the 1×4.[BR]
6. Cut through both 1x4s, then hold them against the wall to check their fit. If necessary, readjust the blade angle and recut the 1x4s until they produce a tight-fitting joint.[BR]
7. Once you're satisfied with the miter angle, cut the molding to fit the wall.

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