How to Brew Your Own Beer

Posted by in Home Improvement Tips, on November 24, 2015

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Ask This Old House Host Kevin O’Connor gets a tutorial on how to brew beer in your own home. (See below for a shopping list, tools, and steps.)

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Shopping List for How to Brew Your Own Beer:
– Empty beer bottles
– Milled grain
– Hops pellets
– Yeast
– Water
– Ice

Tools for How to Brew Your Own Beer:
– Stove or propane burner
– Large brew pot
– Cooler for mash tun
– Ball valve for mash tun
– Pipe fitting for mash tun
– Flex tube
– Fermentation bucket
– Bottling bucket
– Fermentation air lock
– Auto-siphoning tube
– Hydrometer
– Capping machine

Steps for How to Brew Your Own Beer:
1. Heat up 3.5 gallons of water in a large brew pot to about 150 degrees F.
2. At 150 degrees, dump the water into a mash-tun container and add milled grain.
3. Mix together, cover, and let it sit for about an hour. This liquid is now called the mash.
4. Heat up another 4 gallons of water in the large brew pot to 180 degrees. This will be the sparge water.
5. Pour the sparge water over the mash to rinse off all the sugars.
6. Cover up the mash and let it rest for another ten minutes.
7. Connect the flex tube to the ball valve and pipe fitting on the mash tun and drain the liquid back into the large brew pot. This liquid is now called the wort.
8. Bring the wort to a rolling boil and add 1 ounce of hops pellets.
9. Boil the wort for 45 minutes.
10. Add another 1 ounce of hops pellets.
11. Boil the wort for 15 minutes.
12. Add the last 1 ounce of hops pellets.
13. Place brew pot in ice to cool it down quickly, this can be done in a large container or a kitchen sink.
14. Let the wort chill down to 62 degrees.
15. After boil, everything must be pre-sanitized. Siphon, fermenting bucket, etc.
16. Place the auto-siphon in the brew pot and transfer the wort into the fermenting bucket.
17. Add 10 grams of yeast to the wort in the fermenting bucket.
18. Cover the bucket with the included lid and secure it with the fermentation lock, which allows carbon dioxide to escape.
19. Wait two weeks for the wort to ferment.
20. After two weeks, the beer is ready to be transferred to bottles.
21. Use the auto-siphon to transfer the beer to bottles and cover them using a capping machine.
22. Wait another two weeks and your beer should be ready to enjoy!

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