How to Choose a Home Weather Station

Posted by in Home Improvement Tips, on April 18, 2016

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The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore explains the importance of a weather station to Ask This Old House host Kevin O’Connor. (See below for a shopping list and steps.)

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Shopping List for How to Choose a Home Weather Station:
– Home weather station

Steps for How to Choose a Home Weather Station:
1. A home weather station comes with a thermometer to measure the temperature.
2. A barometer measures air pressure. High pressure typically means pleasant conditions. Low pressure translates into stormy conditions.
3. An anemometer measures wind speed and direction.
4. A rain gauge can give rate and amount of rainfall.
5. The device runs on a solar power panel and is able to send information directly to your smartphone using an app.
6. Be sure to place the home weather station in an open area that gets a lot of direct sunlight to get the best readings.

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