How to Control Tropical Pests

Posted by in Home Improvement Tips, on April 17, 2016

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This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook heads to Miami to control insect pests without the use of pesticides. (See below for a shopping list and steps.)

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Shopping List for Controlling Tropical Pests:
– Green lacewing larvae, for controlling whiteflies
– Cryptolaemus montrouzieri beetles, used to control pink hibiscus mealybugs
– One-gallon nylon paint strainer, for applying Cryptolaemus montrouzieri beetles to the plant

Steps for Controlling Tropical Pests:
1. Control whiteflies with green lacewing larvae.
2. Release several green lacewing larvae onto the underside of each affected leaf.
3. To kill pink hibiscus mealybugs, use Cryptolaemus montrouzieri beetles (a.k.a. mealybug destroyers).
4. Put the beetles into a one-gallon nylon paint strainer, then stretch the strainer over the plant.
5. After one week, remove the strainer, leaving the beetles behind.

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