How to Install a Gas Log Fireplace

Posted by in Home Improvement Tips, on March 29, 2016

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Ask This Old House host Kevin O'Connor works with a professional chimney expert to repair a clay chimney and reignite an old fireplace with a gas log. (See below for a shopping list, tools, and steps.)

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Shopping List for How to Install a Gas Log Fireplace:
– Mortar
– Damper
– High-temperature paint
– Caulk
– Ceramic gas log kit

Tools List for How to Install a Gas Log Fireplace:
– Chimney sweep brush
– Foam inset to match specific chimney
– Caulk gun
– Adjustable wrench

Steps for How to Install a Gas Log Fireplace:
1. Sweep the chimney to remove any excess dirt or debris.
2. Tie a winch to foam inset that fits your chimney.
3. Pour mortar into the top of the chimney.
4. Pull up foam inset using the winch to fill in the joints of the liner with mortar.
5. Coat the smoke chamber with a spray-on, insulated mortar.
6. To install damper, feed pull-chain wire down through chimney.
7. Place damper on the top of the chimney and caulk the sides using a caulk gun.
8. Attach screened cover to the top of the chimney.
9. Attach damper latch to the fireplace.
10. Spray fireplace with high-temperature paint and let it dry.
11. Install the gas log kit. Connect burner plate to gas line with gas line connector. Tighten connection using an adjustable wrench.
12. Place grate over burner plate.
13. Arrange ceramic logs on top of grate.
14. Place fire granules underneath the logs and on top of burner plate to help disperse flame.

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