How to Install a No-Sweat Backsplash

Posted by in Home Improvement Tips, on February 26, 2016

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Use a peel-and-stick tile mat instead of messing with thinset and a trowel. (See below for a shopping list, tools, and steps.)

Shopping list for How to Install a No-Sweat Backsplash:
– builder's paper
– painter's tape
– adhesive tile mat. Get enough for the backsplash plus 10 percent more for waste.
– tile. Order enough for the backsplash plus 15 percent more for waste.
– 3/8-inch tile spacers
– grout. Get enough to cover the area of your backsplash.
– 3/4-inch-thick foam. Get enough to make at least two jigs that are larger than a tile.
– caulk. Get enough to cover the seam between countertop and backsplash.

Tools List for How to Install a No-Sweat Backsplash:
– 12-inch level
– breakaway knife
– hard-rubber grout float
– tape measure
– felt-tip marker
– suction cup
– 5-in-1 tool
– wax pencil
– tile saw Rent one for about $50 per day.
– combination square
– grout sponge
– 5-gallon buckets. Get two.
– microfiber cloth
– caulk gun

Steps for How to Install a No-Sweat Backsplash:
1. Adhere the first section.
2. Place the other sections.
3. Dry-fit the pattern.
4. Measure the gap.
5. Adjust and test.
6. Transfer the new layout line.
7. Establish the pattern.
8. Mark the tile.
9. Trim tile to fit.
10. Make a jig.
11. Cut tiles.
12. Place half tiles.
13. Measure for the last tile.
14. Transfer the mark.
15. Start the return wall.
16. Trowel on grout.
17. Sponge tiles clean.

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