How to Install Track Lights and Speakers

Posted by in Home Improvement Tips, on April 19, 2016

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Scott Caron, master electrician for Ask This Old House, installs LED track lights and LED track lights with Bluetooth speaker technology to brighten up a loft bedroom. (See below for a shopping list, tools, and steps.)

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Shopping List for How to Install Track Lights and Speakers:
– 14-gauge wire
– Corrugated loom tube
– Surface raceway
– Track
– Track lights
– Wire nuts
– Light switch

Tools for How to Install Track Lights and Speakers:
– Screwdriver
– Pliers
– Wire cutters

Steps for How to Install Track Lights and Speakers:
1. Find a source of constant power to connect new wiring.
2. Turn off electricity to the power source/outlet.
3. Outline where you want to run wire and spread out the surface raceway covering accordingly.
4. Attach back clips for the surface raceway by drilling into the wall and driving in screws.
5. Place 14-gauge wire through the surface raceway as you build it along your outline.
6. To manage any angles, uses flexible corrugated loom tube and bind it using anti-short bushings.
7. Fit the raceway connector into the track lighting electrical box.
8. Install by screwing into the structure using a drill/driver.
9. Screw in wires to the electrical box connections using a screwdriver.
10. Connect the lighting track to the structure using screws and a drill/driver.
11. Connect the LED light heads by sliding them into the track and rotating them to click them in.
12. Splice wiring to the switch and outlet by tying in 14-gauge wire to the existing wiring using pliers and wire nuts.

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