How to Plant a Pollinator Garden

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Ask This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook heads to Texas to plant a garden that attracts butterflies and other pollinators. (See below for a shopping list, tools, and steps.)

Shopping List for How to Plant a Pollinator Garden:
– Pollinator plants
– Organic compost
– Mulch
– Water-feature vessel
– Trellis
– Pedestals for water-feature vessel
– Goldfish

Tools for How to Plant a Pollinator Garden:
– Pitchfork, for mixing in compost
– Shovel, for digging planting holes
– Trowel, for digging small planting holes
– Rake, for spreading mulch

Steps for How to Plant a Pollinator Garden:
1. Prepare the area for the garden by tilling the soil [not shown].
2. Put down a coating of compost over your entire garden area and mix it in with soil using a pitchfork.
3. Dig holes for your plants using a shovel. Keep the depth an inch shallower than the height of the root ball.
4. Remove the plants from their nursery containers. If the roots are visible, loosen the roots and soil with a cultivator. Place the plants into the holes and cover with soil.
5. For climbing plants, attach the vines to the trellis to give them room to climb.
6. Put down 2 inches of mulch. Use a rake to spread the mulch around the plants, but don’t cover the stems.
7. Fill the water-feature vessel with water, put in the pedestals and place water plants on top of the pedestals.
8. Put the goldfish in the water. They will eat any mosquito larvae.
9. Give plants a thorough watering all around the garden.
10. Continue to water the entire garden twice a week.

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