How to Repair an Asphalt Pothole

Posted by in Home Improvement Tips, on October 19, 2015

Ask This Old House landscaping contractor Roger Cook teaches a homeowner how to fill a pothole in an asphalt driveway to make it safe. (See below for a shopping list, tools, and steps.)

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Shopping List for How to Repair an Asphalt Pothole:
– 4 bags of paver base (more or less depending on depth of hole)
– 2 bags of 50-lb commercial-grade blacktop repair, used to seal hole

Tools for How to Repair an Asphalt Pothole:
– Shovel, used to dig out excess debris
– Steel tamper, used to compact stone dust, aggregate, and blacktop repair
– Wet saw, used to cut asphalt
– Hose, used for water flow to wet saw

Steps for How to Repair an Asphalt Pothole:
1. Use a shovel to dig out the excess rock, dirt, and other debris until you reach subsoil.
2. Use paver base to fill in the hole, compacting it with the tamper every 2 to 4 inches until you’re within 2 inches of finished grade.
3. Cut the edges around the rough hole to make a cleaner surface, using a wet saw with a diamond blade.
4. Dig out any remaining excess of rock, dirt, and debris.
5. Use a high-performance blacktop repair, which is a mix of stone and asphalt binder to fill in the hole.
6. Put it down in 1.5-inch-thick layers and smooth it out.
7. Compact each layer until the patch meets the edges.
8. Let it sit 3 to 4 weeks before making any turns on it with a car.

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