Interior Design – A Double-Duty Dining Room And Office

Posted by in Home Improvement Tips, on July 16, 2015

H&H design editor Joel Bray takes us behind the scenes of a photo shoot for our August issue, where he shows how to use one room two different ways. See how he easily creates a stylish double-duty dining room and workspace using transitional pieces that transform a formal area into a casual office for everyday use.

By being strategic with furniture selection and incorporating decor that works in both types of rooms, Joel was able to create a space that's truly multifunctional. Built-in bookshelves bring warmth to the room, while an upholstered bench provides secret storage. An embroidered accent chair at the head of the table can easily be used as a desk chair. Once the rest of the dining chairs are removed, office accessories and a lamp that were tucked neatly away onto the sideboard become the feature attraction in the home office.
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