Interior Design – A Must-See Bright & Modern Kitchen Makeover

Posted by in Home Improvement Tips, on July 23, 2015

Designer Karen Cole brings warmth, light and style to a family kitchen with modern stone finishes and pops of wood and brass. Learn how she created a functional and elegant space by removing barriers and dividing the kitchen into zones, including a sit-in TV area and workspace.

Karen removed a block of cabinets that closed off the space and replaced it with convenient built-in storage. She relied on a mix of elements, from wood to marble and even faux concrete wallpaper, to bring in the warmth it desperately needed. The sitting and TV area is made up of a cosy rug with two chairs and tall steel doors with white linen curtains that shine light into the space. A zone that doubles as a breakfast area and workspace is set off to the side. Heated stone flooring is used throughout. The result is an elegant and modern kitchen that’s functional for a busy family.
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