Our Editors Answer Your Most Popular Design Questions!

Posted by in Home Improvement Tips, on November 15, 2016

Get H&H‘s Joel Bray and Jennifer Koper’s expert tips on our readers’ two most common decorating dilemmas!

First, they tackle the challenge of the ever-popular accent wall, which can actually make a room feel disjointed. Discover their fresh takes on how to incorporate color into a space, and learn their must-know tips on choosing the right paint color. Next, they share two clever ways to camouflage your TV so it doesn’t look like an eyesore.

Do you have a design dilemma? Send your questions to askadesigner@hhmedia.com!

See the sources for the items in this video here: https://houseandhome.com/video/our-editors-answer-your-most-popular-design-questions/
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