Sewer Lateral Inspection, Upgrading and Replacement

EBMUD and Berkeley Private Sewer Lateral Programs

Easy Bay sewageThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and also the California Regional Water Quality Control Board in 2009 ordered the six cities that make up the higher Bay Area as well as one sewer district and the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) to deal with antique, fractured sewer pipes. Lots of water pipes require repair to stop infiltration of rain, which can bewilder wastewater treatment facilities and also cause the release of partly treated wastewater into the San Francisco Bay. EPA’s requirement compelled EBMUD as well as its companions to stage in the region’s Private Sewer Lateral (PSL) ordinance starting in 2011 and continuing thereafter. Impacted property owners should obtain a certification from EBMUD accrediting that of their sewer laterals are leak-free.

When Do You Need to Obtain a PSL Certificate?

The Regional PSL Ordinance uses ONLY if you’re acquiring or offering an equipment, structure or remodeling over of $100,000, or transforming the dimension of your water meter. In addition, you could voluntarily have your PSL certified to be in compliance with the region’s PSL Ordinance when you are having actually work performed on the lateral without complying with any one of the triggers.

Areas where Private Sewer Lateral Ordinance is Required

Scroll down to the list below to determine if your house is covered by the Regional private several Lateral Ordinance.

The PSL Ordinance holds in the areas below:

El Cerrito
Richmond Annex

Keep in mind: Berkeley also has a PSL but is operating a different program. If you own property in Berkeley, do contact the city authorities to establish what is required.

City of Berkeley Sewer Lateral Program

To safeguard the top quality of water creeks, landmarks, and the San Francisco Bay, Berkeley Municipal Code (BMC) includes arrangements connected to the repair and maintenance of personal sewer laterals. Approximately half of the water that gets in the City’s sewage systems throughout moist climate originates from deficient exclusive sewer laterals (PSLs) as well as from downspouts and also backyard location drains that are straight attached to sewer laterals that are sanitary.

Private Sewer Lateral Connection Program in Berkeley

Given that October 2006, homeowner have actually been called for to get a private Sewer Lateral Certificate of Compliance (SLC) before move or online sales of residential property, or just before getting a structure license for significant building projects like remodels. Berkeley modified its personal sewer lateral ordinance, efficient 11/3/2014 to adhere to needs as required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as well as State as well as Regional Water Boards. Under the demands, the City’s PSL regulation has to be “no much less rigorous” compared to the Regional sewer lateral Ordinance approved by the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD), which is a requirement of most of the areas within EBMUD’s wastewater service provision area.

Every property owner, and that includes condos and various other advancements with shared laterals, need to get a Sewer Lateral Certificate (SLC) per the list below (any one will trigger the requirement):

At the close of escrow for property sale or transfer of residential property (with some exemptions), unless a 6-month extension is given before closing;
Obtaining a Building Permit for construction or remodel valued over $60,000;
The City discovers that the PSL may be a public hassle;
A property owner chooses to mend or replace their PSL.

To get a Sewer Lateral Certificate (SLC), every homeowner need to initially obtain PSL authorization as well as demonstrate the private several lateral remains in sufficiently good condition by getting through the verification check (CCTV records to document screening as well as conformity are no more taken), unless property owners currently have a legitimate SLC or shows that the PSL was changed within the past twenty years, as proven by a license signed off on by the City Inspector.

After getting the authorization and also passing a needed Verification check, the homeowner will be released a SLC. We specialize in sewer lateral upgrding and replacement as part of our complete package of plumbing services in the Bay Area. Call us at 510-210-5570 to get your sewer lateral certificate taken care of.

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