The Energy of Star Wars

Posted by in Home Improvement Tips, on June 13, 2015

Experts from the Department of Energy's National Laboratories are gathering to answer your questions about energy in the Star Wars films. Ask your questions now and during the hangout using #StarWarsEnergy !

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[Yoda voice]Answer your questions, these experts will. Hmm.[/Yoda voice]:
– Cathy Plesko, an applied physicist from +Los Alamos National Laboratory. Cathy uses supercomputers to model what happens when an asteroid hits a planet.
– Peter Thelin, a master optician from +Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Peter's expertise is cutting and shaping materials by hand so they can be used by Lawrence Livermore researchers to explore the universe.
– Chris Ebbers, a physicist from Lawrence Livermore. Chris uses lasers to study crystals.
– Vishal Patel, a researcher from +Idaho National Laboratory’s Center for Space Nuclear Research. Vishal studies how new forms of nuclear power could fuel tomorrow’s spacecraft.
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