Ultrasonic Clothes Dryer Dries Clothes in Half the Time

Posted by in Home Improvement Tips, on April 12, 2017


Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory are about to change the way that you do laundry. They recently developed an ultrasonic drying concept that uses vibrations instead of heat to dry clothes. This technology is expected to be up to five times more efficient than today’s products and will dry your clothes in half the time. In about two years, researchers took this basic science concept and recently developed it into a full-scale press dryer and clothes dryer drum – setting the stage for it to one day go to market through partners like General Electric Appliances. The ultrasonic dryer, which is supported by the Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Office, is expected to cut drying time to about 20 minutes per load – down significantly from the average 50 minutes it currently takes Americans to do their laundry.

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